Emails compiled from The USJ NewsGroup, Saturday August 21, 1999


Harpajan Singh
(1962 - 1999)


"Guys! We gotta get together more often!"


From jeffooi@usj.com.my 21.08.1999 08:37

I write this with a broken heart.

Our neighbour from USJ 9, Harpajan Singh, 37, passed away at 1.10am yesterday after a heart attack.

His cortege will leave at 2pm from his house at 35, Jalan USJ 9/5K, UEP Subang Jaya tomorrow (Sunday) for the PJ Crematorium near Kampung Tunku.

The cremation is scheduled to be held at 3pm.

Harpajan, better know as "Harp", was The Star deputy news editor (Asean). He is best remembered as "the Asean expert" among local journalists.

The Star obituary says, "One thing anyone could not miss when meeting Harp for the first time was his friendly smile.

"If one cared to take another step beyond one would almost immediately feel the warmth Harpajan exuded.

"Some may then argue that it is only expected of a journalist to be able to win the trust of their contacts. If so, then it only proved he was a good journalist.

"Any of his close friends who had known him from his childhood would vouch he was as much like that in his personal life.

"That is what Harpajan was.

"He bound his personal attributes into his professional life that they became inseparable."

Reading that, and having had spent time with him after office hours over his favourite Milo tarik, we are simply overwhelmed with devastating loss.

Last Saturday, he conducted the first News Writer Workshop for the USJ Subang Jaya e-Community editorial committee. He is supposed to be our regular writer for our community website.

He was the one who mooted the idea of organising monthly gathering among the "Faces Behind The Masks". We were supposed to meet again this coming Monday at 9.00pm, Silverspoon, USJ 9.

Last Saturday, he collected a PC monitor from KV Soon because, as a regular contributor to the uSJ NewsGroup, he picked up the message from the community Mailing List and had plans to make full use of the disused monitor for better purposes. He believed in recycling.

He accompanied us while Patrick Tan and I spent time having three rounds of teh tarik at Hentian Selera last Saturday.

And that was the Saturday we last saw him.

This Monday night, we are going to miss him even more.


From: "Thum Hoong Yip" <jpthum@tm.net.my> 21.08.1999 08:41

Dear Jeff and gang,

It is with deep sadness for me to inform you that one of your regular issue contributors, Harpajan Singh of The Star, had succumbed to a heart attack and suddenly passed away on Frday night.

I have been informed that the funeral service will be held on Sunday-23/8/99 at the PJ crematorium. For those who wish to pay your last respect before the funeral service, you may wish to drop by at his residence at 35 USJ9/ 5K.

Jeff, u may want to organise something on behalf of USJ e-com. I will get more details and advise accordingly.


From: Fabma fabma@pc.jaring.my 21.08.1999 08:46

And you still have his name in this list.Geez, I feel like crying! I think we should all be there tomorrow.



From: "cpl" <lcheep@pc.jaring.my> 21.08.1999 09:45

This mesage below is from Harp. It seems to ring in my mind.

I haven't met the man, but he's so known in this forum already that we are all so used to his knack in writing. I didn't know that he's the Deputy Editor and just know him as the "guy who can write so well".

I saw his pic today. That's not the way I want to see how he looked like. Not the least.

My heartfelt condolences for Harp and his family.

P/S: I still cannot believe.

> From: HS <
> To:
> Subject: [usj-subang_jaya] face behind the mask....
> Date: Sunday, August 08, 1999 8:58 PM

> From: HS <

> dear patrick,

> monday is fine with me.

> cheers
> harp.

From: Raymond Tan <tantc@pc.jaring.my> 21.08.1999 09:47

I am truly saddened. Harp was a natural, someone you would feel comfortable with in any occassion. When we adjourned after our first "Faces Behind The Mask" session, he parting shot was, "Hey, we should get together more often".

I next saw him when he conducted the first News Writer Workshop for the USJ Subang Jaya e-Community Editorial Committee. The was last Saturday and that was for the last time.

I am going to miss him and I ask that all of us say a little prayer for him.

From: chlim@mail.sinchew.com.my 21.08.1999 09:54

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the paper this morning. I only saw him once.. but his postings to the newsgroup had caught a lot our attention with his unique style of writing.

We will miss him a lot.

CH Lim

From: Leong Sook Ping <spleong@pc.jaring.my> 21.08.1999 11:13

I can't believe this. Here one minute gone the next. Life is truly short. I have to go out and buy a newspaper. I have seen him once when we were at the MPSJ to petition abt the increased taxes....... a few mths ago......he seems very nice. Jeff & Raymond, pls convey our condolences to his family. I'm so used to seeing his name on this list, can't believe he's really gone.


From: "k v soon" <soonkv@email.com> 21.08.1999 11:54


Dear Friend,

I am glad that you came and pick up the monitor the other day, I really hope it worked well for you. I am sorry that I screwed up on the dates and we did not have the opportunity to meet. However, my wife told me that you were a jovial person and how you just lit up when she told you that I am in the
internet business. I did not find this as a suprise as it was reflected in your postings. It reflected the depth & the appreciation for the Internet as an empowerment tool for the betterment of our community. Though, I do not write much, I appreciate it.

Well Harp, I guess our karma were not ready for us to have that teh tarik and that meal we e-mailed about - let's take a raincheck.

Until than, fare-well my friend.

-k v

From: "geel" <geel@tm.net.my> 21.08.1999 15:36

I knew you but only briefly
Was just looking forward to working with you

But Fate is implacable
And IT had to choose you

If we, just beginning to
thread up with you
can feel this
deep sense of loss
What more those nearer
and nearest to you...

`Harp, you are much missed.

From Patrick Tan lltan@pc.jaring.my 21.08.1999 16:10

Damn it! We are going to miss you, Harp!! :-( But I suppose you would want us to carry on this mission for the good of SJ residents. May I dedicate this poem which I always carry in my heart from my secondary school days for moments like this, for people like you, wherever you are:

What though the radiance that was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass
Of glory in the flowers
We will grieve not rather find
Strength in what remains behind
In the primal sympathy
Which having being must ever be.

God Bless you Harp.


From: Patrick Tan <lltan@pc.jaring.my> 21.08.1999 16:45

I would like to propose as a mark of respect to our dear friend Harp, that no mail be posted on this List tomorrow (Sunday), the day of his funeral ie 22 August 1999. Whatever, I shall not be posting anything and spend my leisure time reminiscing over that few precious hours we enjoyed last Saturday in Harp's company. Farewell Harp...I shall miss you.


From: "Paul John Steele" <
pauljohn@tm.net.my> 21.08.1999 18:12

Yes I would like the opportunity to express my observations of life and family in Malaysia compared to that of England, if anyone is interested. For now however, it does not seem appropriate with the death of someone so young and yet from the messages that I have read, someone well respected by the local community.

I confess that I did not know Harp but my deepest sympathy to his family and friends goes out just the same.

From: Jani Baba <jani@wireless.WISe.net.my> 21.08.1999 18:59

Yes, all of us will miss Harp, but in memory we will still be with him. My deepest condolence to the bereaved family, wife and two children, who have just lost someone they dearly loved.

jb --

21-AUG-99, 6:47 pm

From: Deva <ecmdeva@tm.net.my> 21.08.1999 21:19

We are saddened by his sudden demise. Although we never knew him except for his contribution in this community list, we feel like we have known him and have lost a friend.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

From: Remen Goh" <remengoh@hotmail.com> 21.08.1999 22:23

That's the least i could do for some kids who just lost their father. Yes, pls go ahead to it. Thanks a lot. Will catch up with you.

>From: "Jeff Ooi" <jeffooi@usj.com.my>
>To: "Remen Goh" <
>Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 21:44:24 +0800
>If you follow the Obituary pieces, you would have learnt that one of the
>last things Harp did in his life was to set up a PC for his sons using old,
>256-color monitor. And his keyboard wasn't functioning. I don't think he
>had time setting that up. Life was too short for him.
>We have submitted the condolence donation just now
>But we are collecting fund to buy a brand new PC at-cost (Budget RM 3000)
>for his sons, Ka'el and Nhir'aj. Both KV Soon and I will foot the balance
>if the collection is insufficient.
>Can I put your RM 100 there?


From: "Param" <paramdav@tm.net.my> 21.08.1999 23:08

Just read. Very saddened. Our deepest condolences to Harp's family. Someone so young. So talented. We do not know him personally but definitely know him by his postings. What a great lost. Will miss him.

May the good Lord pour his tender care and uphold this family at this time.

Uma & Param