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    我最深爱的人伤我却是最深 不同的人,其对父亲的爱也会不一样,有的如山️一样沉重,有的温暖如太...

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    母亲再三交代,以后不管发生什么事,都不可以丢下爸爸,为了不让母亲难过,只好勉强答应,可是 内心深处的不 满却始终放不下,直到父亲动心脏手术的那一刻,奇迹竟然出现了。。。?

    父母离异,让自己无法在一个完整的家庭里成长,也因此心里对父亲产生了怨恨,搞到还需要去看心 理医生,却还 是无法释怀,那她是如何化解这个长达七年的怨恨呢?

    在一个书香家庭长大的她,是家里的长女。从小就很自卑,常因功课压力*,躲起来一个人哭。父亲 也常把自己的 压力与情绪带回家,让女儿对爸爸产生种种误会,甚至有想过带妈妈搬出去住。 父女两的脾气一样倔强,就如一面镜子,都是对方的倒影。没想到进入超码学习后,家庭关系起了奇 妙变化,爸爸 妈妈越来越恩爱,父女关系越来越圆满


    日期: 19-06-2021 (六)
    时间: 8.00am ~ 10.00am
    主题: 爸爸在哪儿(Part 1)

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    The person I love the most hurts me but is the most different person, and his love for his father will be different. Some are as heavy as a mountain, and some are as warm as too...

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    Father's Day Special Program

    The mother repeatedly confessed that no matter what happened in the future, she should not leave her father behind. In order not to make her sad, she had to reluctantly agree, but the deep dissatisfaction still couldn't let go. Until the moment the father had the heart operation, a miracle happened. Up. . . ?

    The divorce of her parents prevented her from growing up in a complete family, and she felt resentment towards her father. She needed to see a psychiatrist, but she still couldn't let go. How did she resolve this seven-year resentment ?

    She grew up in a scholarly family and is the eldest daughter of the family. I have been very inferior since I was a child, and often hid and cried alone because of the pressure of homework. Fathers often take their stress and emotions home, causing their daughters to misunderstand her father, and even thought about taking her mother out to live. The tempers of the father and daughter are equally stubborn, like a mirror, both are reflections of each other. Unexpectedly, after entering Chaoma to study, the family relationship has undergone wonderful changes. Mom and Dad are becoming more and more affectionate, and the relationship between father and daughter is becoming more and more complete.

    Hurry and go home often to see, stay with your parents more, eat a meal and chat, and wish the parents all the happiness and well-being ️

    Date: 19-06-2021 (Sat)
    Time: 8.00am ~ 10.00am
    Subject: Where is Dad (Part 1)

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    Password: 1111
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    ❤️日期:19-06-2021 (星期六)
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    🌈Change lives, the opportunity is here
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    ❤《丰盛趨吉卡》 ❤
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    ��Host: Rainie Wong & Pei Ling

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