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Thread: Samsung Note II - Where Can Buy At Cheapest Price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokee View Post
    Zing, the Lenovo S890 screen is acceptable. 5 inch compared to Samsung Note 2 5.5 inch.
    I know someone doing charity and organising a dinner for 60 tables, looking for location/restoran or cook. Are you interested to participate or to know more details?
    Always have a taste for eat for fund programs but have not done more than 20 tables before. In fact, have been rejecting offers for more than 5 tables now. Dun know why but have been getting orders like 30 and above which I had to reject outright.

    Now I usually cook for a table or two only.

    Anyway,, since I have a taste for eat for fund programs, just PM me for details where I can help to coordinate

    You can call me or email me with your samesung galaxy. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charbroiled View Post
    Hi. I'm planning to get the Samsung Note II. I was at Best Denki Subang Parade one time a month ago and saw the the phone/tablet selling for RM1699. When I returned two days later the price was revised to slightly above RM2k. Perhaps that was a typo? I don't know.

    Anyone seen the Note II selling anywhere near RM1699 in Subang Jaya/USJ? Will much appreciate your feedback.
    You can get from a shop call DirectD in SS15..same row as secret recipe/7-11, Hong leong bank. on the right of the road.
    I bought 1 last mth at about rm1700.

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