View Full Version : 8 skimasked robbers in ss17

20-06-2013, 02:23 PM
they came in spanking new cars, spied & leapt over a 7ft elec gate. Aggressively with brandished parang held up the folks.:eek: they are a Bunch of chinese robbers. They spent 15mins cleaning up wallets, phones, gold rings, safe contents etc everything they can carry...

This victim neighbor 2street away, is relatively 'new' (hence not so neighbourly):rolleyes: with all the obvious display of wealth. They had 3 rottwilers before but gave em up after the infamous dog attack last year. Sadly, the only other alsatian-mixed was always locked up in a small cage:cool: ..ditto when the robbers struck...

BTW, these robbers usually strike 6-8morning when the working folks open their auto gate ...An evening/night attack is rare. They target Subang & Ampang/Melawati area..:eek:

Last week, they ran outta luck. :) An alert neigbour alerted the cops who arrived within 3mins. These chinese masked robbers ran helter skelter. Cops managed to just arrest 3 outta the gang of 7 (??):confused::confused: Dont ask me why or how Ok.:cool:

Seemingly, those under remand now confessed to their heinous crimes and surprisingly, also a gangkilling of one of their own, over the share of loots.

1. This remnant bunch of these killer robbers are still loose somewhere. BE ALERT to your surroundings.
2. Keep your inside door locked! Your 7ft elec gate aint a barrier! They leapt over it with ease! (neighbor now have sharp spokes/spikes added on top of the elec gate and part of the shared wall:eek:
3. BE ALERT to strangers in car loitering around your neighborhood...Call the cops to check out any suspicious, driving around aimlessly vehicles...

Be careful & Be afraid...But moreimportantly BE ALERT at all times!:eek:

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