View Full Version : ss12, ss13 & ss18 SHAME on ye culprits!

11-05-2012, 11:10 AM
SHAME on you lot!

YB Hannah , Mr Rajiv did their rounds and guess what was their comment??

"Just back from a rubbish monitoring site visit in SS18, SS12 & SS13... Subang folk still refuse to place rubbish in proper bins in front of their house..."

May i also suggest that if those of you more civic minded and cleaner folks see your immediate stingy-kiam-siap-kuiw-dirty neighbors not having a rubbish bin, do tell them that it only cost RM12-15 each...and each heavy duty plastic bin can last up to 10 frigging years!:cool:

Do be another bo-chup-seow neighbor. Play your small part for a better subang jaya.

Believe in the contagion effect...1 influencing another for a collective Greater and Bigger good.

Frustratingly yours,
Keith, ss17&19.