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Eating Out with Patrick

Soo Kee here in USJ

Reknown for their Prawn Noodles or Sang Har Yee Mee.
Posted on 03.42pm Jan 29, 2003

Mmmmm...delicious !! Those who love Prawn Noodles (Sang Har Yee Mee) would immediately know "Soo Kee". Located off Imbi Road, Soo Kee is reknown for their Prawn, Beef Noodles and Lor Mee.

One of Soo Kee's sons Ah Hon and wife Margie, have now ventured into USJ. Operating from Sing Ho coffee shop they offer more than just prawn and beef noodles. The night we were there they also had crispy chicken and a few other delectable offerings. Check it out when you are there. The big fresh water prawns that came with the noodles were as good as they looked.

They are open daily from 4 - 11pm, and Sunday from about 11.30-3pm and 5.30-11pm. The actual closing time may vary depending on customer patronage.

Soo Kee Noodles (Non Halal)
Sing Ho Coffee Shop, USJ 9/5Q
Subang Jaya

Bon aPATit !!