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Eating Out with Patrick

Craving for Beijing cuisine?

Crave no more. Restoran Bei Ping in Shah Alam serves real Beijing cooking amongst others.
Posted on 01.23am Apr 17, 2002

Rest. Bei Ping by night I believe Gina would have frustrated many who read her gluttonous adventure in China. But be frustrated no more if you are not fortunate enough to venture where she did. Nearby (Shah Alam to be exact)is a halal outlet call Restaurant Bei Ping. Run by a husband and wife team, Bei Ping serves Chinese and also Malaysian Chinese cuisine. I particularly love their curry chicken and curry mutton. Much better than many so-called Malaysian restaurants.

Prices at Bei Ping are very reasonable. But if you prefer something extravagant, try their $2000 per table dinner. The abalone and lobster sharksfin is out of this world. So is the imported dungeon crab. These are just a few amongst the other luxurious menu. I could go on and on writing about their menu and it may take a few pages.

The boss Laurence is a true blue Chinese from Beijing married to a Malaysian. He has been in Malaysia more than a decade-first as a chef in one of the premier golf clubs in Malaysia before venturing into his own business.

Getting to Bei Ping is easy. If taking the Federal Highway from Subang Jaya, keep left after paying toll. Turn left into the slip road (Psn. Selangor) as soon as you see Carlsberg factory on the left. Proceed straight until you hit a roundabout. Proceed straight (12 o'clock). Immediately clearing the roundabout, be ready to turn left into a few blocks of shop houses. Bei Ping is located here. The address is:

No. 6, Jalan Utas, 15D
40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 55199291, 012 2016116

May be wise to pre-book as the outlet is often well patronised. And dont forget to mention you read about his restaurant from the USJ website! Enjoy your Beijing cuisine!

Bona Pat-it!