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Eating Out with Patrick

Hairy time is here again...!!!

Hey, hairy is here again. Wanna meet him?
Posted on 11.17pm Sep 25, 2001

Hairy on your plate....yummy!! It is that time of the year when we will soon see hairy crabs in the bigger restaurants in the Klang Valley. In fact, it would already be enjoyed in places like Hongkong and Singapore right now. Klang Valley normally starts its season a little late but it is believed that the later batches are better and tastier.

To those not so familiar with hairy crabs, let me share with you what little I know. They are found in rivers and lakes in certain parts of China but are avaliable only during certain time of the year -normally around September to November. They are very popular in Hong Kong and are even sold by the road side for cooking at home. However in Malaysia, they are usually enjoyed in the bigger restaurants. I will be enjoying my hairy crabs at the Emperor in Sheraton whose stocks should be arriving end of September.

Hairy crabs are called such because they have hairs on their legs! Now you know why! ;-) But what's so special about these crabs? Most people love them for their delicious roe. I do! Some people believe the roe can beautify one's complexion. (Really! I wonder...) Hairy crabs are expensive, even in Hongkong. It used to cost from RM30 to RM80 about two years ago. In Malaysia, the first time is was promoted, I had it in the Concord and it then cost about RM80 a crab. I understand today it is most likely to cost about RM100 to RM150 each.

Part of the fun in eating hairy crabs is the way they are prepared for your enjoyment. The waiters at some restaurants would delicately pull out the meat from the legs and serve you ginger tea to go with the crab. But the manner of service would vary from restaurant to restaurant.

So, if you would like to try hairy is coming soon! Get ready.....!!

Bona Pat-it!