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Eating Out with Patrick

You Dont Have To Leave Home Without IT!

Yearning for Malaysian food? When in Chicago...
Posted on 12.20am Sep 18, 2001

The Penang Malaysian Food Restaurant ....continuing my Eating Out in the US.

If you ever missed Malaysian food when away from home, dont be if you happen to be in Chicago. Follow the trail we took that led us to this Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown called Penang Malaysian Food.

By Chinatown standard all over the world, this restaurant was fairly large inside. The moment you stepped into it, you cant help feeling at home with the batik table cloth and uniform worn by the staff.

The menu presented us with a surprisingly wide range of choice. One can get almost any Malaysian delicacy one desires...from roti canai, roti telor to Pasembur, Penang Prawn mee, Assam laksa, ABC and cendol!! Besides, you could also order dishes ala carte if you wish. Portions were quite big but not cheap if converted to MR$ . Roti canai costs US$2.75, roti telor 3.95, Pasembur 6.95, Pg Prawn Mee 5.96, Assam Laksa 5.95 and cendol or ABC 2.50. Certainly not cheap and definitely not the best but when one is so far away from home...what the heck!!

So..if you miss home when in Chicago, where do you go?

Penang Malaysian Food Restaurant
22-1 S. Wentworth Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
Tel: 312-3266888

Bona Pat-it!