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Eating Out with Patrick

Eating In Heaven!

A Heavenly Restaurant in Chicago.
Posted on 12.18am Jul 26, 2001

The writer in 'Heaven' ! (Reprint for archive.)

Tried out this restaurant specializing in Louisiana cuisine in the main shopping area of Chicago. Just off Michigan Avenue, Heaven on Seven is so popular one has to queue for a table at almost all hours of the day. I went there at about 6.30 pm on a week day and had to wait about 20 minutes.

Anyway, I had gumbo soup and it was really tasty. Not the type we get in KL's such type of outlets. This one was spicy and really special and I finished every drop of it. The appetizer of New Orleans grilled shrimps was equally tasty and as expected, American portion always come huge and I was glad I did not order any entree. The last course I had was a second appetizer which is so reknown by name...Jambalaya! It's a rice concoction and it was also spicy and very good. Louisiana food tends to be spicy, not that I had any complaint! I couldnt even finish the jambalaya as I was up to my nose! It was sheer obesity and joy!! Boy was I in heaven!!

Anyway, the restaurant is part of a chain of restaurants spread out all over the States. The interior of the restaurant and the table layout was really unique. The walls are almost fully plastered by shelves of bottles of spices and sauces. (See photo) All kinds of chilli sauce adorned the wall shelves and it was really colourful.

Each table was provided with 24 types of chilli sauces and spices to satisfy your palate! I had a gala time trying out the different sauces; it was really fun!

So the next time you are in Chicago, drop into Heaven!

Heaven on Seven
600 North Rush Street
2 nd Floor,
Tel: 312-280-7774

Bona Pat-it