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Eating Out with Patrick

Italiano in Chicago..

A gem of an Italian Restaurant in Chicago serving great food!
Posted on 02.32pm Jul 09, 2001

Skyline of Chicago at night Pane Caldo in Chicago is a very up market Italian restaurant specializing in Venetian dishes. Located in East Walton (off Michigan Avenue) where many other restaurants are also located.

I had been disappointed on many occasions where dining in some western countries are concerned despite all the hype. But this one was a winner.

Knowing how big food portions can be in the States, I decided to have just the appetizer and the main course, skipping soup. I had this concoction of scallop with goose liver topped with caviar for the appetizer which was highly recommended by the chef. It sure was one of the best Italian appetizer I ever had. Not forgetting also the most expensive appetizer I ever had! Almost RM100 just for the appetizer alone!

My main course was grilled lobster with ravioli. The half lobster came with one big claw all shelled and ready to be gobbled down. The lobster was grilled in some Italian sauce that was really delicious.

Everyone else couldn't resist taking a pinch of my lobster! The ravioli was also very tasty with just the right amount of gravy, pepper and olive oil that made it a little bit too oily. Regardless, it was still very good. And as usual, the portion was too huge for me to finish. What a waste! At US$27, the main course was a steal!

So if you are looking for a really, really great Italian restaurant when in this City, try Pane Caldo. But be warned that the price isn't exactly cheap especially after converting to the Ringgit. The dinner plus a bottle of wine for five persons cost about US$550 (about RM2100!!). But for one who lives to eat - who cares!!! Enjoy first lah!!

Pane Caldo is located at 72, East Walton, Chicago. Tel: 312-649-0055

Bona Pat-it