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Eating Out with Patrick

Nyonya Cuisine In Our Neighbourhood!

Crave No More Penang Delicacies!!

Posted on 08.12pm Jun 01, 2005

Many used to asked us where they could get Penang Nyonya food in Subang Jaya. We were never really able to point them to one in our midst. Well, we can now.

Of late two have sprung up - one right in our neighbourhood. USJ21 to be exact and the other not too far away in Kota Kemuning called Padi Prada.

Let\'s zoom into the one very close to home, the USJ21 outlet. Called RESTAURANT PENANG DELICACIES, the place is run by Arthur who incidentally used to be attached to Eden, the \"Good Food People\"! When Arthur is not in, Andy helps run the place.

This unpretentious outlet serves surprisingly quite a long menu of Penang goodies. Their Otak Otak is pretty good and so is the Kiam Chai Ark, though some may find it a tad sweet whilst some others, a tad sour! (See how varied tastes can be?) I found it just right and the portion was generous. Besides these, of course they also serve the usual Penang favourites like Asam Prawns and Perut Ikan.

Currently, they also serve set lunch/dinner. At RM28, you get 4 dishes which is sufficient for 2/3 pax. Or if there are 4-6 of you, go for the 6-dish set for RM48. Then there is the 8-dish set, sufficient for 8-10 pax. This goes for RM98. This outlet is very customer friendly and if you dont particularly like any dish in the set, they will try to change to something else that suits your taste.

But if you prefer something light, you could try one of their many noodle type items like Assam Laksa, Koay Teow Thng, Lam Mee, Curry Mee. Each is about RM4.90 which is very reasonable by KL restaurant standard. The Fried Noodles like Koay Teow, Friend Thang Hoon etc costs about RM5.90 each. I havent got round to trying the noodle items yet so please tell us if you get to do it.

For dessert, one could try their ice kachang, chendol, rojak or perhaps their sago pudding. The ice kachang at RM3.50 is also reasonable and tasty. My friend liked their chendol saying it isnt as sweet as those served in other places. Their rojak is really good. Very rich in hako and belacan, the way Penang folks like them.

Now for the exciting part. SPECIAL FOR USJ.COM !!! Just print out this page, show it to Arthur and you get 10% off your bill!! How about that for being with USJ.COM? The website that truly gives you something special for nothing!!

And how to get to PENANG DELICACIES? Go along Kewajipan, turn left into the USJ21 shophouses after passing the Petronas Station on your left. Immediately after turning left, you pass the multi storey carpark on your right. Immediately after the carpark, turn right. Penang Delicacies is at the end of the row of shophouses on your left. You cant miss it. It\'s opened everyday from 11.30am-4pm, 6.30-11pm. Btw, this is a Pork Free outlet. And dont forget to print out this page for your discount!

TEL: 80239211, 016-3666880
(Outlet no longer in business)
Bon apPATit