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Eating Out with Patrick

Flaming Your Appetite..

At Flaming J, big portions is the in-thing.
Posted on 12.26am Apr 04, 2005

Jason Choong was disappointed when he couldnt find the typical American �big meals� when he got back from the States. None of the so-called Amercian meals could satisfy his hunger.

Finally he decided to start his very own American type of outlet. Called Flamin� J Firehouse, he made sure food comes in huge portions in the typical American style whilst prices are kept reasonable. And if you wish to know why it\'s called a Firehouse, suggest you head over there and ask Jason!

Flaming J\'s signature dish is their All American Philly Cheese Steak. It is a huge burger filled with strips of juicy steak topped with melted cheese. This burger comes with a choice of three types of sauces � Black Pepper, Mushroom and Pomodora, which is a tomato-based sauce.

At FJ, only grain-fed beef, which needs no tenderising, are used.
They contend that tenderisers and artificial flavourings make the meat tough. Chilled beef air flown in from Australia and New Zealand are used at the outlet.

All meats are flame-grilled over the char-broiler at FJ.

Recently introduced is another American favourite, the Big Bertha, which is also a beef burger but minced meat is used.

Jason said his Fish & Chips made from Alaskan Snowfish fillet imported from New Zealand and that it had a better texture than dory. Well, gotta take his word for it!

Another recommended item is the Chicken Firehose, which is a juicy German sausage dipped in rich gravy and garnished with cubed potatoes.

To cater to the varied Malaysian tastes, Flaming J\'s Original BBQ Chicken should be a popular choice. The dish is cooked Texan-styled, with a slight smoky taste due to the seasonings. Half a bird is used for each order.

FJ also serves the ever popular Buffalo Wings, deep-fried in the true original New York style. And dont forget to try their Yoghurt smoothies. The few of us there liked the pineapple flavour.

On one part of the wall, digital shots of Flaming J\'s clients are displayed to confirm its growing popularity.

If big American meals are your cup of tea, head for Flaming J at

10 Jalan USJ 10/1E
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5634 4171
Business Hours: Everyday 11am-10.30pm

(Flaming J has ceased operations at Taipan)