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Eating Out with Patrick

EUROPA - found a gem

A new restaurant with western menu on the table.
Posted on 11.12pm Jul 05, 2004

A cosy place for quiet dining. Found a gem in SS18 (opposite the SJ police station) by the name of EUROPA - TJ Haus.

The food was excellent and the price was very reasonable considering the ambience of the place. It's great for dinner dates for couples and also for family gatherings. Found the food to be a mixture of Carcosa with the price of Pizza Uno.

Had the Cream of Mushroom (RM5) which was freshly prepared and a generous helpings of Garlic Bread (RM3) of which I counted was about 5-6 big slices with Mrs. having a Pfahlmuscheln (RM10) which are herbs & garlic mussels for the appetisers.

For the main course, we had the Madagaskar Ribeye Steak (RM22) which was served with green pepper sauce and the Provence Style Loin of Lamb (RM23) with herbs & garlic brown sauce. For that kind of price, we had a generous helpings of roasted potatoes, season vegetables with the lamb having a beef bacon rolled beans. The tastes was heavenly with the the chef making pains to decorate the the meal. It reminds me of the dinner I had last month at Carcosa.

After all that, we hardly had room for desserts but decided to share it with my wife as I was dying to try the Apple Fritters (RM5) which was served sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar in vanilla sauce.

Ended the experience with Brewed Coffee (RM3.50) of which I surprisingly found was not your run of the mill coffee but was freshly brewed with a slight woody aftertaste. Very refreshing considering the price of coffee in Starbucks cost double that.

All in all the delightful 3-course food experience cost us about RM35-45 per person of which I personally think it's cheap if you add in the decor ambience and the delightful taste.

Next time I'm there, I'll probably try the Calamari A La Mediterrance (RM17) and the Spaghetti A La Carbonara (RM14.50).

That place has made me a lover of European cuisine. It is only open from 11.00am-2.00pm for lunch and 6.00pm-11.00pm for dinner. No PORK and liqours is served but you could probably negotiate with the owner if you want to bring in your own bottle of wine to enjoy the dining experience.


Thanks to 'TheEdge' for this contribution.

Europa - TJ Haus is located at: 19 SS 18/1B, Subang Jaya (opp. the SJ Police
Station and above Hosana Kitchen). Tel: 03-56364508. There is a separate section for smokers at the balcony area which is also quite cosy - Patrick