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Eating Out with Patrick

Ede's Gem Of a Find! (Taipan Outlet Closed as from 1 June 2004)

A Gastronomic Fusion of East and West. Go on...give Ede's a try.
Posted on 09.03am Nov 17, 2003

It has been quite a while since I chance upon an interesting food outlet. Ede's in USJ 9 is not only a Gem of a find, their prices generally are also very reasonable. Ede's Cookshack is managed by a very capable lady Kartina, who also manages another outlet in Mayang Plaza. I was told that her mom was an excellent cook and probably it has rubbed off on her.

Ede's place is simple, comfortably nice but nothing ostentatious. Seatings are well laid out to allow clients some extent of privacy. But back to the crux of our interest.

Everyday, aside from the the puasa month, Ede's Cookshack serve set lunch for Rm6.90 nett which includes a big cup of ice lemon tea. Make your choice from either ayam percik+mexican rice, ayam masak merah + mexican rice, curry chicken + steam rice, nasi lemak + roast chicken or fried rice + roast chicken. We love the ayam percik which is a bit different from the norm. The portion is also substantial. Even the friend rice is different from the norm. Guess that's the catch phrase about Ede's. Most of their items has a touch of difference, and a bit of fusion of east and west.

Have a ever had curry fried noodles? Well, try it at Ede's if you havent. It is very delicious except it gets more lemak as it fills your stomach! Maybe you might want to try the kung fu (as in Cantonese) noodles if you are a die hard noodles kind of fan.

But if you're more into the western ala carte, no fear too. I love Ede's tuna sandwiches and such. They dont stinge on the tuna like some other outlets. And their pastries.... really one of the best around town without the upmarket price tags. The most expensive item in the house, about Rm11, is the pancake corned beef which my nephew thrives upon. I find their bread pudding quite out of this world. Their deserts are priced around Rm5.

If you would like to give Ede's a try, here's a piece of good news. The USJ RA (Residents Association) will be having a community GetTogether on 6 December at 7pm. Besides having a chance to meet fellow residents, you can take the opportunity to taste some of Ede's culinary palatable manifestations. For details of this event and reservation, call Yeoh (012-2995330). Places are very limited so do reserve early.

Ede's CookShack is opened from 8-10pm other than the puasa month and is closed on Sundays. They are located on the same block as the MPSJ Hypermedia Library at:

9-1, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 9/5Q, Subang Business Centre.
Tel: 012-2323887 Email: