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LifeStyle Archive
Soo Kee here in USJ
(Update : Jan 29, 2003)
Reknown for their Prawn Noodles or Sang Har Yee Mee.
Craving for Beijing cuisine?
(Update : Apr 17, 2002)
Crave no more. Restoran Bei Ping in Shah Alam serves real Beijing cooking amongst others.
Best of the Best in Malaysia!
(Update : Mar 03, 2002)
The Best of Chinese Cuisine will soon make their appearance in Kuala Lumpur!!
Mediterranean Food Anyone?
(Update : Jan 01, 2002)
Great Mediterranean stuff without bursting your wallet........
SUMO, the Japanese Restaurant
(Update : Dec 08, 2001)
If you love Japanese cuisine, give Sumo a try...
Hairy time is here again...!!!
(Update : Sep 25, 2001)
Hey, hairy is here again. Wanna meet him?
You Dont Have To Leave Home Without IT!
(Update : Sep 18, 2001)
Yearning for Malaysian food? When in Chicago...
Eating In Heaven!
(Update : Jul 26, 2001)
A Heavenly Restaurant in Chicago.
Italiano in Chicago..
(Update : Jul 09, 2001)
A gem of an Italian Restaurant in Chicago serving great food!
Sambal udang galah, satay and Subang Jayans in Seattle!
(Update : Jun 12, 2001)
On arriving in Seattle, I proceeded straight to Malay Satay Hut, a Malaysian restaurant owned and run by Malaysians Sam and Jessy. In fact, (what do you know?) they are Subang Jayans!
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