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E-Community… and its story

Nijhar: Expressway must complete by end 2003

Double festive joys. The entire 3.5km stretch of New Pantai Expressway will be open to traffic by Christmas, and the Sunway-LDP underpass before Chinese New Year. NPE is 3 weeks ahead of schedule, but Nijhar pushes for completion by end 2003.
Posted on 11.35am Nov 12, 2001

TARGET 2003... Subang MP Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar presses on for full completion of NPE by end 2003. EXCLUSIVE

By usjXpress Team

BANDAR SUNWAY - Two season's greetings are in store for Subang Jaya and Bandar Sunway residents.

The 3.5km stretch from Subang Jaya to Bandar Sunway - along Jalan Subang Utama - will be fully operational by Christmas.

The Bandar Sunway underpass at the LDP junction will also be open to traffic before the Chinese New Year in February 2002.

The double good news was announced by the concessionaire, New Pantai Expressway Sdn Bhd, at the service center of Subang Member of Parliament October 9.

However, Subang MP Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar said he would closely monitor the progress of the expressway so that it would be completed by the end of 2003.

"Despite the extensive delays caused by the previous concessionaire, construction work has been going on smoothly," Nijhar told the usjXpress Team.

"I was told that they are now three weeks ahead of schedule," he added.

The NPE is a 19.6km long toll-way linking Subang Jaya to Jalan Bangsar and Jalan Kuchai Lama respectively via Taman Maju Jaya and Pantai Dalam.

The concessionaire, formerly owned by Berjaya Land Bhd and Dasara Berkat Sdn Bhd, was plagued by financial difficulties and this caused much delay to the construction.

On May 4, Road Builder (M) Holdings Bhd announced its acquisition of New Pantai Expressway Sdn Bhd from its previous owner for RM210 million cash.

Since then, construction has resumed at feverish pace.

In May, Road Builder's spokesman Yong Juen Wah told the usjXpress Team the company targetted to complete the 3.5km stretch from Subang Jaya to Bandar Sunway in eight months.

They looked set to meet the deadline.

The KL-bound overpass at the Kewajipan roundabout, in front of Metropolitan College, was opened to traffic on June 26.

Subsequently, the Klang-bound overpass was opened in early October.

The 3.5km stretch along Jalan Subang Utama, especially the portions near the entrances to Taman Sri Subang and Sunway Pyramid, has been expanded substantially.

The Christmas opening of the entire stretch is expected to ease the bottleneck further.


Present at the Friday work-in-progress briefing were Goh Hai Thun from the Bandar Sunway resident association, Jeff Ooi, P Jayendran and Patrick Tan from Subang Jaya e-Community, and representatives from the squatters area in PJS 7 and 8.

The Friday briefing was the third organized for the local residents by the Subang MP.

During the briefing, Goh Hai Thun of the Bandar Sunway Residents Association suggested the NPE to be linked to the LDP as currently the morning KL-bound traffic is diverted through Jalan Lagun Selatan, choking up the two-lane passage.

He also highlighted the bottleneck at the Kewajipan roundabout as the SJMC-bound traffic is squeezed from three lanes to two.

Besides, he raised the question of illegal parking in front of the hawker center near the Millennium Park.

Nijhar later took the residents to the locations mentioned, accompanied by representatives from the concessionaire and the Malaysian Highway Authority.

The entourage was told that there were a total of four pedestrian bridges built along the 3.5km stretch for the convenience of the residents.

The norm in highway construction is to have one pedestrian bridge for every 2km.

To a question raised by P Jayendran, the residents were told that the concessionaire was waiting further instruction and budget provision to extend the NPE from the Jengka roundabout (in front of Seng Hup Lighting) to Jalan Tujuan.

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Basic education in Subang Jaya
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