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E-Community… and its story

Sorry, who belongs to this?

SJ SNAPSHOTS Series #1: An old van with a broken axle has been abandoned near the MPSJ headquarters at Persiaran Perpaduan for two weeks now. But many just 'lihat tapi tak nampak' as no action has been taken to remove the road hazard.
Posted on 12.24pm Mar 19, 2001

ATTITUDE... The 'Lihat Tapi Tak Nampak'  syndrome is a big challenge to ISO-certified local authorities. By The usjXpress Team

SUBANG JAYA - The typical tidak apa attitude raises its head again.

An old van with a broken axle has been abandoned a stone's throw away from MPSJ headquarters at Persiaran Perpaduan for two weeks now.

Motorists who have to turn in and out of the USJ5 neighbourhood complained that the abandoned vehicle is blocking their views and it posed a hazard to the public.

"I just wonder how come MPSJ did not take action for weeks as it is only metres away from this broken vehicle," said USJ5 resident who emailed on March 12.

The vehicle was still seen at the site this on March 19 morning.


USJ11 resident Satish Janardanan reported to the van has been removed on March 21.


"We are talking about a 'high profile' vehicle with it's extreme poor state and condition, abandoned at the junction of a very busy road, some few hundred meters away from the main gate of MPSJ," Shali said.

"If this small matter cannot be handled by MPSJ in the most expeditious and responsible manner, I don't know what else we can expect from our own Council," he added.

"In Two days ago, I called the USJ police station and highlighted this fact, and guess what, the cop asked me if I know the plate number. I laughed all day." Shali said.

A Subang Jaya-based quality management consultant - who insisted on anonymity to avoid harassment, said this is unbecoming of a municipal council that blew its trumpet as a ISO9002-certified local government.

"It's typical lihat tapi tak nampak syndrome among the local authorities," he said.

He, however, added that the challenge is less for MPSJ to keep up with IS9002 benchmark.

"It's a bigger challenge for the entire community of quality management consultants to make sure that the ISO convention does not become a laughing stalk," he said.

Look out for SUBANG JAYA SNAPSHOTS series

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