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E-Community… and its story

No VIP, no protocols, full 60 pints

Breaking paradigm. Subang Jaya folks do away with ceremonial speeches and chaperoning of dignitaries to focus on hard-ball charity drive. Sixty-one good samaritans help fill the University Hospital blood bank in the puasa month.
Posted on 12.52am Nov 30, 2000

COMMON PEOPLE... A total of 61 donors turned up to do their good deeds: Filling up the blood bank of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC, formerly called the University Hospital) in view of the low reserves during the puasa month. By usjXpress Team

SUBANG JAYA - Subang Jaya folks have proven a point: Noble cause knows no protocols.

They did not worry about a lack of the "crowd-puller" in the person of a dignitary and just went ahead with their blood donation drive at the Summit USJ last Saturday.

A total of 61 donors turned up to do their good deeds: Filling up the blood bank of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC, formerly called the University Hospital) in view of the low reserves during the puasa month.
Each contributed 450 ml.

In August, USJ 11 Neighbourhood Watch organised a smaller-scale blood donation drive - also without a VIP as the crowd-puller.

To the Subang Jaya community, this is perhaps what they say, "just to do something different".

"We want to show that whatever we do in this community network is truly of the people, by the people and for the people," said CL Loo, a Subang Jaya Blood Donor List promoter.

"We away with the age-old champeroning of dignitaries in our activities, and instead, focus our energy in the real community work for the common people," he said.

Those who turned up to assist the UMMC staff were a bunch of working professionals and "people-in-the-street" who maintained a Blood Donor List on the e-Community portal,

And those who willingly gave their blood were also common people from around and outside Subang Jaya. Some of those who contributed to blood donation drive were people working in the shopping complex but staying elsewhere.

Ten residents from the USJ18 Neighbourhood Watch came in three cars for a group donation.


Blood donation drive coordinators Lily Chang and Satish Janardanan, both of of USJ11 thanked all parties who have helped in the campaign.

Sponsors of the campaign include Johnson & Johnson,, Upha Pharmaceutical, Boots Far East and Summit USJ.

Even the Subang Jaya Blood Donor List promoters themselves contributed in kinds. Ong Hua Meng (USJ16) and CL Loo (SS19) sponsored the banners while Clarence Koh (USJ9) donated table-top calendars as gifts.

All the five volunteers each contributed 450ml of their blood.


The Blood Donors' List hosted by was started by Satish of USJ 11, and assisted by Ong Hua Meng and CL Loo.

"As far as I know, no other web site has got on with both online and offline activities in maintaining such a database," said Satish who is a senior aircraft engineer.

"It is to help people in urgent need of blood during emergencies," he said.

"Even though my fellow volunteers are busy, they managed to spare their precious time to recruit donors onto the List, earning them the title of 'Dracula' before their names."

Satish, who belongs to the "O" negative rare blood group type, told the usjXpress Team that "having the rare blood type tends to make you a bit more aware of the difficulties that can arise when someone needs a particular type of blood."

"There are only about 12,000 people in Malaysia who have the same "O" negative type as mine," he said.

"The need them just as much as I need them when it comes to emergency," he said.

Satish said the online database now has about 150 names which includes those from the rare blood groups.

There have been numerous occasions where the listed donors have helped save lives by responding promptly to stress calls posted on the Internet, and by words of mouth.

In recognition for its community services, was conferred two major Internet Awards back-to-back last week, Community Site of the Year by >PIKOM-Computimes IT Awards 2000 and Best Community Development Website by @My2000 Malaysia Internet Awards organized by MIMOS-ASTRO.

The donor list is maintained on autopilot basis whereby donors themselves will update the "last day of donation". However should anyone need help to update the list, please contact:

- Satish Janardanan at 019-2269216
- Ong Hua Meng at 012-3828993
- CL Loo at 019-3127181

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