WAP - Subang Jaya on your Nokia 7110
  1. Press " Menu"
  2. Roll up to " Services" and press Navi Roller
  3. Roll to "Settings" and press Navi Roller
  4. Press Navi Roller when " Connection settings " is displayed
  5. Press Navi Roller to on " Set 1" to select
  6. Roll to " Edit" and press Navi Roller
  7. Press " Select" when open "Homepage" is displayed
  8. Home Page setup
    • Key in: http://www.usj.com.my/wap/main.wml
  9. Press "OK" to save the setting
  10. Roll to "Connection type" and press Navi Roller
  11. Select "Continuous" and press "Select"
  12. Roll to "Connection security" and press Navi Roller
  13. Select " Off" and press " Select"
  14. Roll to "Bearer" and press Navi Roller
  15. Select "Data" and press "Select"
  16. Roll to "Dial-up number" and press Navi Roller
  17. Key in
    • (Maxis) +60121112 and press "OK"
    • (ADAM) 0173870000 and press "OK"
      (When roaming in another country, key in +60173870000)
  18. Roll to "IP address" and press Navi Roller
  19. Key in
    • (Maxis) and press "OK"
    • (ADAM) and press "OK"
  20. Roll to "Authentication type" and press Navi roller
  21. Select "Normal"
  22. Roll to "Data call type" and press Navi Roller
  23. Select "ISDN" (Maxis) or "Analogue" (ADAM)
  24. Roll to " Data call speed" and press Navi Roller
  25. Select "Autobauding" or "9600"
  26. Roll to "User name" and press Navi Roller
  27. Key in "User ID" ("maxis" for Maxis) and press "OK"
  28. Roll to "Password" and press Navi Roller
  29. Key in your Password ("wap" for Maxis) and press "OK"
  30. Key in your Password again and press "OK" for verification User ID/Password

*When you subscribe to TIME WAP, you will be given a User ID(Data Number) and Password. You are required to key in your User ID and Password when you set up your WAP phone.

How To Start WAP Session


  1. Press "Menu"
  2. Roll up to "Services"
  3. Press "Home". When you press "Home" the phone will dial up to WAP service.

How To end WAP Session

  • Press the red button on your phone keypad to end WAP session.

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Time WAPhttp://www.adam.com.my/vas/WAP.html

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Motorola L series+,
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