Subang Jaya on your PDA
  • What is Mobile Edition?
    • Mobile is our AvantGo channel for users of Palm Computing and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices. At the moment, PDA users are able to download selected content from e-news section. Soon, Subang Jaya business news updates are also published on this channel on a daily basis.
  • Is the service free?
    • Yes.
  • How do I Subscribe?
    • Make sure you have a handheld device such as 3Com's Palm, or a Handspring Visor unit.
      • Click here to download free software for your handheld and create an account that will give you access to Mobile and many other similar channels
      • Assuming everything has been done correctly, Mobile will be downloaded to your PDA the next time you synchronise your device.
      • You may also go to and key in in the search engine.

If you have any questions or feedback about this service, e-mail