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Thread: Rosa Parks.

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    Rosa Parks.

    Rosa Parks dies at the age of 92.

    Anyone who read the modern American history will know who this lady was.

    Back in Dec 1st 1955, tired after her Christmas shopping, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a Montgomery bus in Alabama to a White man. For her disobedience, she was arrested and charged in the county court the next day. The nation Blacks civil right activists rose to their feet in defence of her right as a HUMAN who was to be EQUAL before the great American constitution. Martin Luther King was her advocate. Over night, the entire blacks population of America woke up to their right to live as a normal human being in the land they were once enslaved!

    She lived another 51 years to see American changed. From being called a black pariah, descriminated by millions of Whites racist and the KKK. back then, Rosa rose to become a true American Hero today.

    Great lady!

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    If I am not mistaken, there was a movie of her on HBO right?

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