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Thread: Why Such Cruelty ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski
    Its no use of barking at him anymore damage has already been done, please report immediately if you see these sort of negelience and cruetly in your neighbourhood to the authority in future.

    I totally agree with Ski. No point harping on the issue when we cannot do anything to help the poor dead dog. Instead, we should focus on reporting such inhumane acts when we stumble upon in our lives.

    Why are we so eagar to bring this guy to justice when there are more beasts out there (rapist, serial killers, etc) who also needed the public's attention and swift response? Aren't these even more severe cases involving mankind? Many of these perpetrators have yet to be brought to justice! All I can say is that whatever we see in the news are just merely a handful of what is in reality...

    I think we need to be reminded about a phrase quoted in the Bible. Its says :

    "Let the first man without SIN cast the first stone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOYSC
    "Let the first man without SIN cast the first stone"
    Very well said, Nina.

    For some reason, An old Sioux Indian's prayer was my blog entry yesterday:

    "Oh Great Spirit, grant me the wisdom to walk in another's moccasins before I criticize or pass judgement."

    Have to admit that I am still struggling to grasp this pearl.

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    Chang, Ski, Tan_r, Moysc..you guys have knocked some senses into me this morning. Thank you.

    God forgive me..for my unpleasant and bitter feelings towards Douglas Lien San Chong..

    This, is all we can do now.
    Quote Originally Posted by mon

    Dear kind sirs and madams, please find the strength to take action if you ever see an abused animal. We are in the position to make all the difference in the world for these animals in our community.

    If we don't help them, who else would..

    Please do our bit here today. If you are busy now, please do find some time to come back later. Please help..


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    I guess reading all the post can actually make one feel the anger build... then good ol' ( i mean, young ) KWChang... comes in, pours the COLD water and wakes us all up....

    Luckily for us... got Chang to keep an eye on us all... before we end up in the front pages of our favorite tabloid....

    Thanks Chang...

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    Err...Orchi's further 2 kupangs on this matter...can be read in here...

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