Prison Break..B+
Drama , Prison , Murder , Mystery

Another nice and interesting drama.
About a brother who is an arhitecture is trying to help his bigger bro to escape a maxinum prison , in for the murder of the vice president's bro..Big bro was framed.

So he purposely rob a bank and get caught and sent into same jail. On him , is a whole body tatoo which is actually the structural map of the prison.

At the same , he must plan the escape from inside , form allianze with italia mafia to escape once outside , survive the racial tension and avoid getting rape and a hostile jail captain.And at the same time continue to dig from inside in cell and not getting noticed..The story plot is good with many side mystery how he going to escape , how he going convice his cellmate to join? how he going to get his bro ?.....

The story plot is good , and the action is solid with full tension.
Development is good too.Nice drama , now in the season1 e7

Any comments pls include...THanks..