Passion of Christ .... A+

Another ultimate violent movie that i remembered suddently...

Story about the few days of Jesus Christ before being nailed on the Cross..

Nailing on the cross is a big thing in Roman times as a the ultimate capital punishement reserve for the worst crime..Which Christ is accuse of treason against Roman Emperor by being refer as KING OF THE JEW. WHich is what is nailed on the sign board above His head when being nailed..

Violent scene include being whipped big time with whips of bard nails? Can see the sound effect and visual effect of skins being torn away!

Roman soldier dislocated the arm so that the palms of Christ can be long enought to be nailed on the right part of the cross..

The hammering of the nails into fresh.

The numerous torturous beatings of Christ until his one eye is closed shut and later can open a little bit to see. Body full of blood , wounds etc..Lips..ribs..torn blood..stains..etc

The pressing of the Clown of Torns into His skulls..

Christ mother, Mary , wiping off the pool of blood in the square where previous Christ was whiped big time..The intense RED BLOOD again the many white cloths used to wipe off the blood is horrifying.

SOme fren saw it was amaze by the torture scenes..Some christian fren was seen sobbing..Some ladies were in shock.

Truely amazing movie by Mel Gibson