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Thread: Where to print T-shirt (50-100 pieces)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tupai
    aiyah...the stitched thingy is the logo lah. The t-shirt material is up to yr budget lah. Ours is polo-type T with stitched/embroiled company logos lah.

    also ah...where got color lasts for years one? how many years??? color tahan lama, material disintegrate lah...heheheheh.

    If u want good quality printing, u mean like design/logo gotta rubbertype of feel? then its very expensive ...yr sports club member won't go for it. I know. I was a prez of a sport club b4....all cheapo members want free t shirt only lah.

    The cheapest type would be :
    1. u go to say, giant/makro
    2. buy the plain round neck tee from china for under rm6.00 a piece
    3. go to pertama complex and look for a silkscreening creative gay bloke
    4. negotiate for single color silkscreening and VIOLA! your club gotta yrself new-exclusive T-shirt! Yahoo!!!!

    Yang Amat Berteeshirt lato tupai

    Aiyo Tupai, you banyak jahat lah. LOL! Don't scare people la. Friend, printing t-shirt very easy and not so costly wan la. PM me if you still need contacts. I know a reliable and friendly supplier.

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    you can try asking for T-Shirt at this site. There's a cool T-shirt configurator to help you design T-shirts on the fly!


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    I've just sent you a PM. Thank you.

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