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    I live in the usj 11 area. There is this park which is surrounded by a drain. Inside this drain, water is always clogged. The water has become so clogged that a substance like 'curry goo' is there. When i pass by the park sometimes i see some people playing soccer. Sometimes due to the drains lacking covers in certain places, the ball falls in. I feel so pityful for the person that eventually goes in to take the ball because of the aweful smell. People walking 2-3 feet away from the drain could also smell the stench. I hope taht someone will fix this problem.

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    Alex28, thank you for highlighting this problem. Not only does it need the drain covers (concrete slabs) but the 'curry goo' (wonder what is this) in the drain need to be unclogged. Two Sundays ago, based on the feedback of the 3 representatives from USJ 11 sitting in the JKP Zon 3 committee, two contractors went on site inspection with me and they have given us their quote which will be shortly submitted to MPSJ for their approval before work starts. It is a coincident that all of you saw the problem. It is also for the safety of those using the field that these drains need to be covered up. Altogether we have identified 63 uncovered spots in the two playground there. The playground needs some repairs works and this has been looked into as well. When they are completed, I will post those photos here for all to see.

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    Whenever there's a dry spell like now, open drains will always have the lovely aroma everyone would curse. One place I'd loath to walk along is the big drain that's beside Giant Hypermart along the road facing behind of Summit. The stench is more than one can bear! I reckon all the waste water is to the same drain. I reckon I would rely on a heavy downpour to do some justice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex28
    I hope taht someone will fix this problem.
    Call up MPSJ or write in to them (you can mail them, too - www.mpsj.gov.my) and lodge a complaint. They are quite responsive, sometimes.... Otherwise, keep on complaining...persistence pays!
    This morning I saw some men cleaning up the drain along USJ 2/4P - near the football field.

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