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Thread: Inactive Maybank account

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    Inactive Maybank account

    For those of you who had not physically withdrawn money using your Maybank ATM card for a year (does not include transferring of funds via Maybank2U), please take note that your account (savings & current) will be automatically deactivated by their computer system.

    It's a hassle to reactivate, as you'll require to make a manual withdrawal (don't forget to bring your savings booklet) in any of their branches, 24 hours after you'd attempted to make withdrawal from its ATM machines.

    Troublesome & ridiculous for their so-called customer protection system! In a way, the bank is making us ATM card holders withdraw money rather than saving it! Unimaginable!

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    MAYBANK is like hungry ghost. Sucking your blood for resources.

    This have to charge, that have to charge.
    Customer service BAD
    ATM machine everytime down during last day of the week and everymonth. (Kelana Business Centre Branch - like a female)
    ATM machine only have green colour 50 notes.
    Long queqe in the bank.

    But BRAVO for Thats the only service I salute.

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    RHB or HSBC is no better . Have to do a withdrawal to reactivate it . After 12mths of inactivity it will deem to be dormant whether you have rm1 or rm100k. Why can't a deposit reactivate it???

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