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    Dear all,

    I got these two freebie tixs to watch this movie - Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events. I did thought, "ok. Kiddie movie. Free movie, shouldn't complain lor". But what happens next made me sit up! It completely turn my head around!

    So, for those who had been kinda jaded by the predictable movie story plots, and wish to experience something different from da norm? Watch this movie!

    Below is my *poem review* on Lemony Snicket's movie:

    ************************************************** ****

    Children's tale, you say, taking flight on screen?
    However, before dismissing it as mere children's dream,
    Do not be fooled for it will easily reel you in.

    There's Violet, the creative inventor,
    Followed by Klaus, the voracious reader.
    Sunny, a lovable infant, who seems to be quite a "biter".

    Tale starts woefully with the death of their parents,
    Supposedly had died in a fire regarded as apparent,
    Suddenly the children found themselves, the Baudelaire orphans.

    What comes next is " a series of unfortunate events",
    Brought upon no other than Count Olaf, the despicable villain.
    His eyes glint in pleasure at the thought of Baudelaire's inheritance.

    Soon perils set in motion designed to end their lives,
    Luckily, with their wits, the children manage to survive.
    However, nothing can deter the ever-wicked schemes of a tenacious tyrant.

    What other misadventures lay before the Baudelaires,
    Will they end up in triumph or in utter despair?
    I'll leave you now with this thought in midair.


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    4's off now

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyL1692's off now
    maybe the movie will come back during GSC re-run movie screenings? Then u can catch it larr...or buy VCD/DVD ( or borrow from frens) ....

    Movie kinda unexpected...for me... I didn't expect I will enjoy it but I did.

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    I watched "A series of unfortunate events" recently on DVD and what the little boy said when their parents died in a fire was so heart breaking. The well-learned little boy, Klaus, said, "I hate our parents. Didn't they have plans for us? How could they do this to us?" You see, the disappointed orphaned kids were left in the care of a cruel and greedy distance relative (Count Olaf played Jim Carrey) and they hated their parents for that.

    It makes me realize how big the responsibility of a parent is. You CAN'T even die. It is your responsibility to keep yourself alive, healthy and wealthy to ensure the kids grow up well and healthy. It's a really scary thought... I am not pushing insurance nor will writing here, but just planning for the "future". Your dependents are depending on you to at least have some plans for them. Even I don't have much plans ... Talk about working for an insurance company and having a lawyer bro ahahaha.

    Ok, sorry to have scare you. Having kids is not that scary. Only scary for scardy-cats like me (and Aunt Josephine)... fear of the unknown.

    Some thoughts for you: Have you made plans yet?

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