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Thread: Emergency lane killer!

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    Emergency lane killer!

    Title says it all. Star today: Duo killed while changing tyres.

    Dont malaysian driver know that emergency lane is for emergency changing tyres. not to overtake or to speed like an idiot during jams. just go to federal highway in the money and u can see all this idiot driving in emergency lane. why's the hurry? to the extend risk other ppl's life? in this case it took away 2 innocent ppl's life. TWO! stop all this malaysia boleh crap if we malaysian dont even care about human being's lives...

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    Re: Emergency lane killer!

    If you ever have a puncture on the highway, DO NOT attempt to change it yourself. Just before the last Hari Raya members of a family was killed in Perak doing just that. I also had a patient who was knocked down by a motorcycle at the KL-Seremban highway while changing tires. Just call PLUS ronda and stay behind the metal barrier. Let any idiot crash into your car (hopefully insured) if they want to. BTW your toll (+10%) is supposed to pay for this service too.

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    Re: Emergency lane killer!

    Yes, u are right Doc,

    Just the other day I had a breakdown at Slim River.
    I quickly checked the Tol Helpline no, grabbed my book and got out of the car.
    When i came to the metal barrier at the side, I climbed up the slope and waited at the top of the slope. Then only did I gave a call to PLUS after making sure I am out of the Danger Zone.

    I managed to talk to the MAt Runner there that takes care of your towing issues. It seemed that the reason they gave behind why the accident stil happens at the emergency lane is very logical and true.
    Not because one is actually driving fast at the EM Lane, but rather sleepy at the wheel. When one is sleepy, the driver tends to focus on the car ahead to stay balanced in the lane and not swerving around. Sometimes what they are "tailing" may not be moving cars but rather stationary ones by the road side. This illusion is the cause of the problem. Take a look at the family that perished at Perak. They were standing at the inner side of the car where the car was rammed and judging from the impact, the driver of the bigger car seemed to be stepping on the gas and not braking. Well u be the judge?

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    Re: Emergency lane killer!

    January 18, 2005 14:12 PM

    Burning Of Dry Padi Stalks: NSE Users Advised To Slow Down

    PENANG, Jan 18 (Bernama) -- North-South Expressway users are advised to slow down, honk and switch on the headlights when passing dry padi stalk burning areas between Km30 in Jitra, Kedah, and Km128 in Sungai Dua here.

    PLUS Expressways Bhd, the expressway concessionaire, said they should not stop their vehicles abruptly in the thick smoke as it would be dangerous to themselves and others.

    If the smoke was too thick, they should stop along the emergency lane between 100 and 200 metres from the smoky area, it said in a statement.

    It said open burning of padi stalks is being actively carried out at the stretch, causing thick smoke to pervade into the expressway and surrounding areas, thus affecting drivers' visibility.

    The open burning is expected to continue between now and end of March, it said.

    Motorists can report to PLUSLine at toll-free line 1-800-88-0000 or the Northern Region PLUS Communications Centre at 04-5756414/6415 or police or Fire and Rescue Department if they spotted such open burnings, it added.


    Question 1:- why is the govt allowing this open burning?

    Question 2:- why is PLUS is asking motorist to stop along the emergency lane when other alternative, assuming Q1 can't be addressed, is better?
    What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple.
    Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter.

    - Peter F. Drucker

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