"Would you contribute to a Disaster Fund?" asked Robert of USJ 23 in another thread. He was moved beyond words what he has been reading in the news that he felt he has to do something and thus suggested that we start some sort of SJ/USJ Tsunami Disaster Fund collection. He is not suggesting that we start another fund to compete against those that have already been started by the major newspapers. He suggested that the amount that has been collected be hand over to some aid organisation. In this context, I believe Mackzuklifi, our active forumer and who incidently has a web blog (www.brandmalaysia.com) will be making a statement on starting a fund whereby the SJ/USJ community will make an active effort to collect donations for the disaster victims to be channeled through the Red Crescent Society.

In his blog, Mack who has started the ball rolling by pledging RM 5,000 said "I will be contacting the Red Crescent Society in a short while to finalise the arrangements and will keep you informed. I am thinking of forwarding their methods of payment so donations may flow directly, without the hitch of a third party accumulating the funds and extending it to them later. I was told they severely need funds, espescially as an expected outbreak of disease is close on the heels of the natural disaster.

Last night a handful of us were with Mack brain storming on how to go about it as collecting cash donation is a very sensitive issue. The cheques are easier to handled. We are opened to further suggestion the best way to go about it.