Purchasing stuff from the Internet.
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Thread: Purchasing stuff from the Internet.

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    Purchasing stuff from the Internet.

    Hi all,

    I'm going to make my very first internet purchase and need some suggestion/comment on the purchase(it a gadget... ). It's from the States and the package should be no bigger than say.... a mobile phone box and weigh no more than 500gms? Was wondering whether our local customs would impose any taxes on these items? I'm sure the custom would open up the package to check what is the contend( and hopefully not confiscate it... ) It's nothing illegal, that's for sure. Maybe you nice ppl who hv the experience of ordering stuff from the internet might want to share some useful info. Any precautions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It's anyone's guess whether your intended purchase is taxable or not. It also depends on the whims & fancies of our local customs.
    I've purchased music cd's from Amazon and other online sites now & then and it's all delivered to my doorstep promptly.
    Electrical or electronic gadgets could be taxable and the customs would refer the rate on their computers. Most imports are at KLIA and if the item is detained for taxation, you'd have to go all the way there to take delivery of the item. It's a simple process but going all the way there is indeed a long journey. Mind you, it's not KLIA airport but KLIA Post Office which is on the left hand side area of the airport.
    Recently, I remember the government implemented a policy to ease the flow of personal imports by passing off small value packages. I really have no idea to what effect of this policy till now. A buddy bought a Fluke multi-meter for US$50 something, although it was not taxable under the schedule, yet it was detained and my buddy had to personally claim it at KLIA.

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    Dont risk buying anything from the net if you can.

    If you import Telecommunication products you need a licence!
    Worst if the Custom do not know the category. It will stuck there.

    Books ok especially from Amazon, I had tried that many times

    If it is send to your company (reputable big co), it should survive.

    Use courier if it is fragile

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