KYB Open Invite.
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Thread: KYB Open Invite.

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    Talking KYB Open Invite.

    Hello neighbours,

    As a follow up to a thread in the Kanban forum, I'm putting up this invite to all neighbours to join us in a Know You Better TT session at Seri Melor in USJ 17 tonight at about 9.00p.m. Strictly informal, come as you are dress code & gate crashers welcome !!

    Thus far we have the following confirmed :

    1) Jayan (Ringleader);

    and the victims are:
    2) Lord
    3) Chang
    4) Patrick
    5) PC (provided his single entry visa is approved !!)

    Anyone else, please append your names and we'll meet up tonight. Just in case you are not sure where the court is in session, call 012 - 3290526

    Warm regards

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    Sorry guys for failing to show up last night. Got back a bit late from PJ. Trust you all had a great time. Catch up with you all at the next KYB?


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