We noticed TM Net took more than 45 days to respond to a Letter to the Editor... maybe better late than never.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

TMNet Streamyx has the solution

WE write in response to the complaint by M.M. of Rawang entitled “Malaysia way behind in broadband infrastructure” (NST, Oct 27).

On the issue of lack of broadband infrastructure, we would like to inform him that our TMNet Streamyx is a high-speed broadband Internet access service that allows customers to access the Internet from 384kbps up to speeds of 2Mbps over standard copper telephone lines with DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology.

TMNet Sdn Bhd is trying its best to increase coverage of high-speed broadband Internet service. TMNet started offering broadband Internet access to Malaysians with TMNet Streamyx using Digital Subscriber Loop (DSP) technology. We are also coming up with several other broadband access options so that more Malaysians can enjoy high-speed broadband Internet access.

Currently, TMNet Streamyx is available at more than 210 exchanges in major cities nationwide. However, there are limitations to the technology. The ADSL speeds offered by TMNet Streamyx packages are actually the "last-mile" connection. This means that there are several factors that influence the availability of the service in your area.

First, make sure that you have a telephone connection with the proper wiring. Your phone line has to be a fixed line, not a hunting line or on a PABX system, or an ISDN line. The copper line from the exchange to your residence must also not be more than five kilometres. So your residence must be within a five-kilometre radius from the nearest exchange, but if the line is more than five kilometres in distance, then you will need an alternative solution for broadband access.

However, we would be most grateful if M.M. could contact us to enable us to conduct a thorough physical investigation and testing on your telephone-cable connection, to see if it can support the TMNet Streamyx service.

Please call us at 1-300-88-9515, or e-mail custcare@tm.net.my. Letters can also be sent to:

Customer Relations Management or PR Department
TMNet Sdn Bhd, TM IT Complex
3rd Floor, 330 Lingkaran
Usahawan 1 Timur
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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