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    Postbox Problem

    If you go to Jeffooi's Blog (check it out on our front page) and go to his item posted on Sat 13 Dec., you will find a huge picture of a plastered postbox.

    I was about to post a letter early Friday morning and found some tapes across the letter box. On checking I noticed a sign below which said that the locks were spoilt and mail cannot be collected. Fortunately for me, the owner of the Petronas Station at USJ9 came over to explain to me the problem.

    Apparently, a number of similar post boxes were tampered with in the whole of USJ. The postal thieves broke the locks to get at the mail. As such, the locks were inoperable (cannot be locked) and POS Malaysia just taped up this notice to discourage people from dropping mail to boxes which are not locked.

    So if you are thinking of posting letter to the roadside boxes, please check. I wonder why no mention of this in the newspapers? Or I might have missed the articles becoz I seldom read the papers these days.

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    This is the URL for an amazing picture... near Subang Jaya
    Post Office, SS15:

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    Same goes for the post box that is normally used by the nasi lemak vendor as a table at USJ 3/USJ 4 turning near USJ 3/1. Sounds fishy. Maybe just want people to send their mails to the post office door steps?

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    Ditto the one in USJ Taipan - across from USJ6.

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