One day a woman who is so attached to her cat goes on vacation leaving her husband and her mum to watch her cat. On the first day of her trip she calls home to ask her husband how her cat is doing and nothing else.

Wife: “How’s my cat doing, everything okay?

Husband: “Yep, all is well!”

The next day she calls again asking again how is her cat getting on without even asking him whether he missed her.

Husband: “Everything still going well? Don't you want to know how I getting on?”

Wife: " Nope. I know you can take care of yourself." She called back several times in a day this time since she missed her cat so much. On the 5th day, she called.

Wife: I will be home tomorrow morning. I know my cat missed me very much. So how is my Si Comel getting on?

Husband: “Well actually no. Your Si Comel cat ran out of the house just now and was squashed to pieces when the Alam Flora garbage truck ran over her.”

Wife: “Woah woah woah! How can you be so cruel as to break this tragic news to me in this manner. You know how much I love my cat. What the hell! You could have at least told me in a less blunt way.

Husband: “Like how?”

Wife: “You know, when I first ask, say everything is good. Then the next day say the cat climbed up the tree and got stuck there and won’t come down. Then she fell ill and finally tell me she has passed away peacefully. This is how you should gently tell me the news.

Husband: “I guess that makes sense, I’m so sorry.”

Wife: “It’s okay. Anyway, how is my mother doing?”

Husband: “Well, your mom is stuck in a tree and won’t come down”