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Thread: LRT Car Park

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    LRT Car Park

    Especially for those commuting via LRT at the Taipan station -- there's a new place now available for you to park your cars.
    It is located at the former MetroBus compound in USJ8.

    Two banners fronting Persiaran Kewajipan are displayed on the compound hoarding.
    Payment rates available for long-term (you have to call to inquire - 013 388 1898)

    Daily parking rates:
    First hour: RM5.00
    Subsequent hours: RM3.00
    Hefty rate or not -- it's your own judgement.*
    But at least there's now one more spot for those riding the LRT from either the Wawasan/ Taipan/ USJ7 stations.

    Click on link for photo =
    park at Metro.jpg

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    I think this car park operator is reaping people of to be charging this rate. If I take a LRT to KL city, I need at least 61 minutes and according to how the meter computes your time, it is as good as 120 minutes which comes up to RM8. I believe the average fare for Grab to the nearest LRT station from houses in USJ is RM6 one way. So might as well take Grab to the LRT station. If we use the MPSJ Parking apps, it is only RM1.00. If I park whole day, I can park up to 11 hours and I pay only RM4.00. There are ample roadside parking lots specially at USJ8 area. But if I use the private car park at Metro Bus Depot, it will be RM 5 + (RM3 x 10) = RM 35. It could be very much cheaper if you just pay RM20 for the lost tickets. This means you have to lie every evening when you pick up your car. If you don't, then pay RM35. What I am trying to say is the government should regulate all private parking rate in the vicinity of LRT station in order to encourage us to use public transport.

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