Jokes of the day

The Sunday school teacher to make her lesson interesting asked her children, "Can can anyone tell teacher which part of your body will go to heaven and tell teacher the reason why you think it should.

Jane went up and said, "Teacher teacher, I think it is the heart."

"Then can you tell the class why you think so?" asked the teacher.

"Because our heart is filled with love."

Next, James went up and said, "It is our soul teacher."

"And may we know why?"

And James said, "Teacher, I heard from mum that when we die, everything rots away except our soul."

"Well, James you may be a little right but because we believe in God, when we die our soul will be saved." the teacher corrected.

Then Mary interrupted and said, "It is our head.* Because when we die, we will rise and since our head is the topmost part of our body, it should the head.

By now,* little Johnny boy was very impatient. He could not wait a second longer to correct all of them. He leapt up to disagree with everyone so far.* He said,* "I think it is the legs."

The teacher was in disbelief to imagine little Johnny could think of that part of the body and she asked, "And can you tell everyone
in our class why you think so?"

"You see teacher last night when I was sleeping in my own room, there was a bad thunderstorm. I was damned scared and frightened.* So I tip toed to my parent's room to sleep with them.* The door was not locked and so I opened it slowly not wanting to wake them up.* But I saw that they were not asleep. My daddy was on top of mummy and both were naked.* And I heard daddy making some funny noises and mummy was screaming 'Oh God; I am coming..... I am coming.' And I could see both mummy's legs kicking in the air. If not for daddy holding on to her, mommy legs would have been in heaven now."