i am pretty sure many here are also doing your bits for all.
I have both directly and indirectly raised funds (usu by extorting families and friends lah ) for various projects ranging from buying milk powder and hydraulic jack for injured baby elephants to rescuing dogs stranded on deserted island to repairing/upgrading places of worship regardless of faith and also supplies for orphanages etc...

So at a recent kaypoing with buddies,one popped the questions:
> HOW Do I justify spending all those monies I have raised/extorted?
> Do I put together a book keeping record for verification & 'audit'?
> How will my 'donors' and victims know if I truly had delivered/given every sen I collected to the recipients??
> Do the donors have a right or audacity to even ask? To question my fund raising?
> Do I have to be transparent if i wanna raise lots money for eg a children home, thru say, an 'Eat till full full, Yang Tau Fu' 30mins buffet at RM100 per head? Do i have to show my expense Vs Collection$?? OR u just have to take my word for it that I have raise , less expenses, Rm260.88 for the whole weekend.


Yang Berderma latotupai