a gathering of a handful o'oldieforummers sparked laughters, recollections of tall & short tales plus pleasant memories of other forummers dead and still kickin'alive...

Then Some 1 suggested revving this site. BUT With the clutter of social media and everyone plus his/her grandmother busy with their smart phones, most community and niche sites like this had moved on.

I too much prefer usj.com.my to be a say Facebook thingy. NO hold barred, No topics off limit. No gauntlet not picked up, No this & No that banned and Besta ALL, No CWChang to mod. ..

Yeah yeah, Mr Chang Sir I understand the risks of being a volunteer Mod, hence a move to FB is the second bestest of idea after this Tehhhhhhhh Tarikkkkkkkkkkkkk moot.

apa lagi mahu?

Yang BerTT latotupai