Las Vegas is a city of gambling. There was this hardcore gambler who have tried nearly every casino in the city but still did get a hang of it. He decided to call it a day and on the way back to his hotel, he booked a Hindu Indian girl for the night.

At the huge hotel lobby where there were 6 lifts, he pressed one to go up to the 18th floor. When all the 6 lift doors opened, he was greeted over the speaker, "Congratulations, you have won $10,000 for hitting a perfect score - 6 doors. Collect your winnings when you check out"

Now, this is called gambling. He then went to his room and took a much needed bath while the girl lay down on the bed waiting for him. He started to undress the girl and became very curious about the red Dot on her forehead which he thought could be a recording button. He felt uncomfortable and took out a 10 cent coin to scrape it out. To his surprise tatooed on the forehead in fine print is this, "Congratulations , you have won $1,000 in our Scratch and Win contest."