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Thread: merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!!!

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    merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!!!

    MERDEKA from the evil & corrupt umno, mca, mic, gerakan dll kucing kurap small BN parties! YESSSSSS!!!!

    FREE at last (God willing! insyallah! Ti Kong Po Pi! Yahweh blessings! Lord Buddha also give merits!) from the crooks and thieves spawn from the above parties...

    Perfect example amplified by 25yrs as a (corrupt and now deader than dead. Padan muka died in a helo crash together with his cronies & other parasites) politician. Accumulated assets (ill gotten gains & stolen loots) RM2.1billion = RM4million per month = RM230,000 per day.... Wow! It's highly lucrative to be a umno minister (thief, plunderer, liar, hypocrite)...

    * Note: Red italicised text my personal pov lah.
    in luv with lust with AphroditeS AWAS! Suspek is an Avid procurer to myths, lies, legends, folklores, i-ching, rumors, misinformation, cakap-ayam, spɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn puɐ˙˙DLL .
    p/s Take all the above with a XL salted duck egg, wash down with 2fingers of sodium hypochoride, and suck on to a pebble size tmn negara Rock salt

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    The helo crash fella with 2.1b left behind !!

    No big deal lah if compares with the figures from the two apanama juniors...

    Bear in mind this fella started acccumulating loot from apanama time. Benefited hugely from the power plant privatisation which also started by apanama.

    Same same crooks lah.. past and present. Whoever is victor writes the rules lah...

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