Ok Ok ...sneak this here in before the Mod finds out. The job section is like a ghost village lah... :-)
Please let your contacts know.
Vacancies in FMCG sector is not seasonal nor flavor of the year vocation thingy. Consumers need to shop for food, snacks, tidbits, soft drinks etc...so its 24/7/365/adinfinitum thingy lah.
Anyway, The main question is WHY travel to KL to work only to get stuck in 1-2hr jam EACH way?? Right hwre! right now! you can find a decent job in Ss19..Apa lagi mahu?

Please refer the following for the job scope.

The job scope includes but is not limited to:
Assist in the day-to-day running of the operation (office work)
Assist in the recruitment and training of field personnel
Periodically check field personnel for adherence to SOPs
Communication between clients & field personnel
Deliver analysis and reports

Candidates must possess a knack for working with people, especially with field staff
Sound knowledge of and strong network connections within the fast-moving consumer goods industry & events/ promoter circles are a big plus
Sales and Marketing background will be an advantage (though not expected from new grads)
Strong in MS Office, Excel, and Power Point
Strong in written and spoken English,
Strong in BM
Must have own transport
HQ office is in ss19 Subang Jaya
A minimum of 1 year working experience would be ideal.
Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

Please email your resume to serene.nah@imaxxmerchandising.com with a photo attached and expected salary indicated.
Our office address:
165, Jalan SS19/6, Subang Jaya, PJ Selangor

Checkout our website at www.imaxxmerchandising.com or https://www.facebook.com/imaxxmerchandising/