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Thread: Now, everyone can go uni

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    Now, everyone can go uni

    The duration of pre-university program provided by one of the private colleges nearby clearly explain why nowadays - everyone and anyone can study in university !!

    1. AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation)
    -January (Duration: 10 months)
    - March (Duration: 8 months)
    - September (Duration: 14 months)

    2. Cambridge A level
    - January/July (Duration: 18 months)
    - March (Duration: 15 months)
    - September (Duration: 21 months)

    3. Canadian International Matriculation
    - January/July (Duration: 12 months)
    - March/September (Duration: 9 months)

    4. Monash University Foundation Year
    - January/March/July (one year)

    5. Sunway Foundation Year
    - January/March/July/August (one year)

    With the exception of Cambridge A level, I have serious doubt of the academic credentials and the relevance of other pre-U programs to equip students with the necessary foundation. The entry qualifications of the students who enroll into such pre-u program is a big question mark also.

    Last time, only STPM / A level (two years in sixth form) is accepted as pre-U qualification. Unless the student is among the top 1% of the best SPM students in this country, he/she may stand a chance to join a fast-track program to cut short the pre-U duration.
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