Down with a sore thumb with infected fungal infection that cost Rm30K angiogram at IJN because of the stress from the swollen thumb pain.

I was having possible symptoms of heart failure problems with chest discomfort and breathing problems.. Driven to IJN emergency ward midnite and had the ECG done.Test were negative for Myocardial Infraction or blockage just like 2 weeks earlier I taken the ECG which showed healthy vital signs. Initially, the doctors given me some maxolon as I was complained of bloating which might be gastric.

Hours later where I was due for discharge, I vomited and had another attack of chest discomfort. Only then, I was given a blood test, Morphine, Nitroglycerin and warded into CCU. Still the tests turn out to be inconclusive of Myocardial Infraction.

The next morning, my cardiologist Dato DR Bala came where another series of tests were done which showed tiny traces of blockage. The next day I was wheeled into the operating theater where the angiogram showed massive fragments of tiny multi clots blocking my heart vessels!!

Mental stress or physical stress can cause major problems within short notice.

More important for those who are over 40 and if notice any chest discomfort, go to the hospital for medical attention. Try to force a loud cough by staying alive occasionally where it may help in clearing the passage of tiny clots to prevent stroke or heart attack. Particularly if you have history of angiogram procedure or stent, try to be stubborn to stay longer in the hospital even if the series of test may be inconclusive.

There are many cases of perfect ECG but some had attacks days after that. One of my medical friend had the ECG and stress tests done but collapsed in the same hospital 1 hour later while waiting for his medical billing. He survived with a heart bypass performed on him days later. Another lucky fella.

I am sharing this story where I am lucky to be alive to celebrate Pawsperous Chinese New Year and hope others can benefit from my experience. Most of all, Thank you Dato Bala and his team where I am singing " Staying Alive " with Gong Xi Fatt Chai heartbeats.