For those wanting to sample greek food in Melbourne...AVOID Jim's Greek Tavern...U have been warned!
--- My post a few sites in Oz & now here...
Racist taunts in this old immigrant restaurant.

I will give a FAT zero star for this greek racist restaurant. I have had a wonderful experience here since the 80s, but not anymore!
Recently i wanted to treat 5 guests to a 'splendid' greek dinner and have booked a table for 6. My guests arrived 10-15mins ahead of me and they were seated in a dinghy corner.
When I arrived i asked to be seated elsewhere but the waiter pretended NOT to understand English or Ozzie speak!
I was told by my guests that they have already been moved TWICE in under 10 mins! Yes, my guests are all Chinese visitors.
I apologised to my group and gathered them all out of this racist joint.

BTW this post came about after reading other posts complaining about the racist staff and the racist taunts in this jim's tavern.
If you DON'T want to be subjected to racist taunts, then DON'T bother to spend your hard earned money there. These racist immigrant restaurateurs are having such narrow attitude! I read other reviews that the waiter called the Asian 'Chinaman'...So, to be fair, What a wog!

lagi satu: This racist restaurant now have only a 'banquet' menu. Its set dinner with variable pricing at diff time. It ranges from AUD55 to85 per head excluding taxes, service charges, tips, and drinks, of course.