Grandma was taking a lift to the 8th floor.

The lift stopped at 1st floor and a beautiful lady walked in. The fragrance from her body was so strong that grandma cannot help but asked:

Grandma: "Wow! Such wonderful fragrance!"

Lady: "BULGARI, RM100 a bottle."

The lift stopped again at the 6th floor and another beautiful lady walked in. This time, her fragrance is much stronger than the first.

Grandma: "Wow, wow. This is even much better!!!"

Lady 2: "GUCCI, RM200 a bottle!"

Upon reaching the 8th floor, grandma farted just before she got out of the lift. The smell was so strong that the two ladies almost vomited.

Ladies: "Auntie, what's that strong smell?"

Grandma: "MUSANGKING, RM300 a kg!