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Thread: Donate old clothes

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    Donate old clothes

    I would like to give away my old clothes (adult size)

    If you guys know of any organizations, pls inform

    Am not keen to dump them in the "recycle" bins or those "small huts" cos I think those are not genuine


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    Most recycled centers will simply just sell them off... My friend's company good cond seconds Polo-Tees ended up as such. When in Jaya33, He saw a bunch of mamak workers wearing them! The bos said he bought in Paramount for rm5 a pc *SHOCKING*!

    My advice to you is to just give them away to the needy. Not the orang asli unless you personally have ventured to the fringe of the depleting jungle. The easiest is Just hand them over to the foreign workers, grass cutters/sweepers, construction workers. they will appreciate your gesture for sure.
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