I used to go fishing on a boat with 2 of my friends. They noticed that sometimes I cast my line on the left side of the boat and at times from the right side. Nevertheless no matter which side, I always ended up with a good catch everytime. One day, they could not tahan anymore and asked me how I know which side of the boat to choose. I then told them the secret.

"It all depends on which side of her body she sleeps on the morning I come to meet you for fishing. If she sleeps on her right, I cast my line from the right. I do it from the left when she sleeps lying on her left."

Then out of curiosity, one of them asked, "But then, most of the time we lay on our back when we sleep. So where do you cast your line then?

Drawing myself up to him, I then replied, "If I find her in that vulnerable position, do you think I will still be interested to join you for fishing?"