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Thread: ini kali lah!

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    ini kali lah!

    ..but then again i got many friends who repeatedly told me 'Wa ko kwi pak barn ar boi tharn...*" and thats why aint got not time to 'wa ko kwi pak barn ah boi khai...**"

    With such logic I also pening...BUT I want! Not the pening lah... PLUS i grossly miscalculated the Malaisemen's lifespan to be 75!
    RUGI lah!

    ye gotta go watch the attached link video in The EDGE TV...

    Ini Kali lah balu njoi!

    Yg Bebas latotupai

    * I still have a few million$ not earned yet....
    ** I still have a few million$ not spent yet...
    in luv with lust with AphroditeS AWAS! Suspek is an Avid procurer to myths, lies, legends, folklores, i-ching, rumors, misinformation, cakap-ayam, spɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn puɐ˙˙DLL .
    p/s Take all the above with a XL salted duck egg, wash down with 2fingers of sodium hypochoride, and suck on to a pebble size tmn negara Rock salt

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    Ini kalilah can apply to limitless individual’s dream especially those dreams in the childhood/teenagerhood…

    When you read poems from your favorite poet whose whole life was dictated by the turbulences of PRC in the early 20th century
    - You wanna visit his birthplace..

    When you know this poet was the earliest chinaman studied in Cambridge and the university actually named a bridge after him
    - You wanna walk on this bridge and punt under this bridge.

    When you couldn’t have enough $$ to buy your favourite novels during school days, and have to rent at 30cents per book (deposit is RM5 for 4 books)
    - You wanna buy ALL the novels from this favourite author, and let your friends/relatives to borrow from you and if they do not return, buy them again to have a complete collection at anytime.

    When reading ancient classical novel inside a humid small room in hometown about the beautiful scenery of heavy snowfall of a place famous for the powder snow
    You wanna read your favourite classical novels while watching heavy snowfall outside the window of a hotel which was the official residence of margarat thatcher/deng xiaoping/ronald reagen when they visited this place..

    When you rejected by a English tuition teacher who taught English 1119 because he thinks your Chinese school background may not produce the same good results of his other students.
    - You wanna prove to him that your Chinese background allowed you to work in a top English firm that none of his students were able to do.

    The lists go on........

    There are many versions of ini kalilah, go and pursue yours..

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